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Sherri Glover Biography

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Sherri Glover
(August 17, 1969 – June 23, 2003)

In June 1969, Steve and Yuko had just arrived from Japan, and they were living in East Hall at Peabody College. Sherri was born August 17, 1969 at Baptist Hospital in Nashville and two days later became the youngest resident on the Peabody campus, where she was the delight of students, faculty, and staff. The Glover’s moved to Acklen Avenue in June 1972.

In 1971, Yuko began studying ballet and dance at the Centennial Park Arts Activity Center twice a week, and little Sherri tagged along. She whirled and twirled in the back of the studio trying to imitate the adults. At age six, Sherri became a park dance student and has remained active with dance all her life. She was in four annual The Nutcracker ballet productions performed in Nashville by the Atlanta Symphony. She was in the PBS filming of Petroushka with superstar Rudolph Nureyve. She minored in dance at Birmingham Southern College and taught dance in Birmingham. Coming full circle, Sherri recently became a member of the Friends of Metro Dance Board (FMDB). The FMDB is planning to plant a tree in Nashville’s Centennial Park to honor Sherri.

Sherri graduated from Hume Fogg Academic High School. In 1991 she earned a BA degree (Marketing and Dance) at Birmingham Southern College (BSC), and in 2000 she earned an MBA degree from The Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business at Belmont University.

During her high school years, Sherri began to pursue interests in fashion and modeling. She was among the top ten regional finalists in an annual Seventeen Magazine Modeling Competition. She completed many modeling assignments including a local auto dealer TV ad and print ads for Castner Knott and Seventeen Magazine. Following her graduation from BSC, she managed the Casablanca Talent Agency in Birmingham, Alabama for several years before returning to Nashville.

Until recently, Sherri worked for eight years at Belmont University in the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), Music Department, and as Supervisor of Creative Services in the Office of Image Resources. Sherri developed a wide circle of friends on campus. Sherri particularly enjoyed working as housing coordinator for foreign students in the OSA. She had great interests in other cultures and maintained contact with many students from other countries.

Sherri was an active member of the Nashville Area Junior Chamber of Commerce (NAJCC), through which she acquired many new friends. She enjoyed NAJCC functions and projects.

Sherri’s other interests included supporting charitable causes, the arts, foreign films, jazzercise, yoga, foreign languages, and traveling. She especially enjoyed trips to Japan to visit her mother’s family. She made three trips to Ireland, and in 2003 she worked for three months in Dublin.

In 1990, Sherri became interested in motorcycle riding. In 1996, Sherri became a certified Motorcycle Rider Instructor licensed by the State of Tennessee. Subsequently, she taught motorcycle safety classes to over 100 people at Nashville State Tech as part of the Tennessee Rider Instruction Program Inc. As a member of the Road Angels, she participated in the 1998 and 2000 Pony Express Tour that helped raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

At 10:30 a.m., June 22, 2003, Sherri suffered fatal injuries while enjoying a motorcycle ride on a beautiful Sunday morning. The other driver was cited for causing the accident and arrested.

Sherri is survived by her father, Stephen L. Glover; mother, Yuko Glover; uncle, Kunihiko Saga; and cousins, Hitomi and Miyuki Saga.

From June 25, 2003 funeral program "Remembering Sherri Glover."

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