Sherri Glover - Mom's Family and Japan

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START - Click on image to enlarge Sherri with grandmother, grandfather, and mom. (Tokyo, 1986) Sherri's aunt, cousin, mom (Tokyo, 1982) Sherri's cousin, Sherri, and mom. (Tokyo, 1982) Sherri with mom and mom's college classmates. (Japan, 1982)
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Sherri and mom at Imperial Palace in Tokyo. (1986) Feeding Pidgeons in Tokyo (1982) Sherri and mom in Tokyo. (1982) Nitaro (grandfather), Umeyo (grandmother), Sherri, Kunihiko (uncle). (December, 1996) Sherri with grandmother, Umeyo in Tokyo (December, 1996)
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Japanesse restaurant in Tokyo. (December, 1996) Sherri, grandmother, uncle, and cousin. (Tokyo, January 1, 1997) "Yummy eel dinner with uncle Kunihiko." (Sherri, Tokyo, New Year's Day, 1997) Temple in Toyko (2001) Return to Galleries Home