Sherri Glover - Ireland and Wales

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START HERE CLICK TO ENLARGE "View from my bedroom window." (Sherri, Ireland, 2003) Sherri in Dublin (March 2003) Spire of Dublin (March, 2003) "Sherri Glover presides over Belfast City Council. Wierd that they gave us pho ops here. Nonetheless I said, 'Why not?' " (Sherri, from Ireland, 2003)
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Sherri gets a snapshot with movie actor Colin Farrell in Ireland (2001) Dublin Police in St. Patrick's Day Parade Sherri with garda (police) motorcycle (Dublin, March 2003) Dublin March (2003) Dublin (2003)
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"At the edge of the Millenium Bridge looking east. Ha' Penny Bridge behind me and Liberty Hall behind it." - Sherri, Ireland, 2003 Dublin, February 2003 Office where Sherri worked in Dublin (Jan-Feb 2003) "The Cooke's home. A 'semi-detached' meaning they share one wall with a neighbor. My room faced out the back. The entire neighborhood looked like this. Very hard to distinguish which house is yours, to the newcomer." - Sherri, Dublin, Jan-Apr, 2003 "Waliking home on Griffth Ave. Poodles on right. Not many avenues had trees like this. It is a main boulevard in this outlying area of Dublin." (Sherri, Jan - April 2003)