Sherri Glover - Friends

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Sherri's best and lifelong friend Michele with Sherri. (1991) They met and became roommates the first week of college at BSC in 1987. The last time they saw each other was the evening before the crash. Patrick, Michele, and Sherri at Birmingham Southern College graduation (1991). Belmont University 1996. Belmont University (1997)
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Belmont University (1997) International friends. Top row: Woody potographer inset (Thailand), Gaia (Russia), Mika (Japan), Hiroko (Japan), Kumi (Japan), Sherri (USA). Bottom row: Oday (Iraq), Mustafa (Somalia), Mohamed (Somalia), Saidur (Bangladesh) ____, Mohamad (Somalia), Sherri (USA), _____, Heroko (Japan), Woody (Thailand), Saidur (Bangladesh), Oday (Iran) Miko (Japan), Mustafa (Somalia), Mohamed (Somalia), Woody (Thailand), Saidur (Bangladesh), Mika (Japan), Sherri (USA), Oday (Iraq), Gaia (Russia), Kumi (Japan). (1998) 30th Birthday Celebation. Mohamed (Somalia), Ali (Iran), ____ (Nigeria), Hamid (Iran), Oday (Iraq), Mahdi (Jordan), Sherri (USA), Saidur (Bangladesh), Anita (India). (August 13, 1999)
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Belmont Univeersity technology tour of Ireland (200) Last photo of Sherri taken June 21, the evening before the crash, with Saidur. Return to Galleries Home