Sherri Glover - Father's Family

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START - Click on image to enlarge Visiting grandparents in Virginia (1970) Sherri with her grandfather in Virginia. (1971) Sherri with grandfather and mom. (1972) Visiting dad's family. Cousin Fred's wife, Fred, Dad's aunts Lula, Mary Ann and her husband Hank, Sarah, and Sherri. (Chesapeake, VA., June 1996)
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Visiting the house where dad grew up with dad's Aunt Sarah. Sherri's grandfather built the house in 1957. (Chesapeake, VA 1996) Sherri visits her dad's home at Glovers Court, a street named for their family, across the road from the old Great Bridge High School. (Chesapeake, VA, June 1996) Visiting the house were her grandmother was born in 1913. (Chesapeake, VA, 1997) Sherri's grandmother and grandfather (1931)
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