Sherri Glover - Childhood

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00photostart 01csherrichaircat 01ctwoweeksold 02c1969pwarnerpark 03c1969december
START - Click image to enlarge With favorite stuffed animal. (1973) Two weeks old with mom and dad/ Percy Warner Park (Fall, 1969) Christmas 1969
04c1970breakfast 05c1970smallpool 06c1970suitcase 07c1971fork 08c1971dadsbabychair
Breakfast 1970 Little girl enjoying a little pool (1970) Suitcase (1970) Two year old in the kitchen. Sitting in dad's baby chair that was build by Sherri's grandfather. (1971)
09c1971mompeabody 10c1971santa 12cwith cat 13childface 14c1971waving
Peabody College Visiting Santa. Newspaper photo. (1971) Making a funny face Dads cap