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Dana Shute Receives NAJCC's Sherri Glover Outstanding Service Award (Spring 2004)

Susan Burdette, Suzanne Angele, Dana Shute, and Helen Burr

The Nashville Area Junior Chamber of Commerce (NAJCC) presented the 2004 NAJCC Sherri Glover Outstanding Service Award to Dana Shute. The award inscription reads:

"2004 NAJCC Sherri Glover Outstanding Service Award
Presented to Dana Shute
Recognizing one's enduring commitment and contribution to the advancement of
the NAJCC and exemplifying the spirit of self, dedication to principle and
passion for life for which Sherri shall forever be remembered."

The award ceremony script follows.

Suzanne Angele: We are here to present the first annual Sherri Glover Outstanding Service Award. We were close friends of Sherri and are honored that Adam wanted us to be involved in the selection and the presentation of this award. In addition, Sherri’s parents, Steve and Yuko Glover wish to thank the NAJCC for honoring Sherri in this special way. Sherri was involved in many NAJCCactivities. She was so pleased when she was able to get BMW of Nashville to donate a motorcycle for the silent auction of the American Red Cross Disaster Relief party.

Helen Burr: Sherri was in my new-member group when I joined NAJCC. Because of our international background we became friends quickly. She had a gift for bringing diverse groups of people together through small group dinners or such. We also were ambassadors to a new group of members and had fun introducing them to the opportunities of NAJCC.

Susan Burdette: Sherri was chair of the professional development committee, and brought people together through networking opportunities. When she went to work in Ireland, she was involved with the Dublin Junior Chamber. The Junior Chamber Ireland President wrote that "Sherri provided selfless service to many people that she came in contact with."

Suzanne Angele: And now we honor Sherri’s service by presenting this year’s recipient. I personally have great admiration for this person whom I always aim to be more like. This person’s tenure in the NAJCC is a standard by which others will be judged. We would be here for a long time if we ran down the entire list of events this person has been involved in.

Susan Burdette: This person joined the organization in 1991 and hit the ground running with her first of many contributions. This person has subchaired Zoofest, Clinic Bowl events, Special Olympics, and Action Auction to name a few. In addition, this person was a Clinic Bowl director and counted money in the treasury room for several years.

Helen Burr: Quickly, this person became recognized in our organization for her dedication and leadership. She was a 2-time spotlight award winner, Member of the Year, served 5 years on the board, and went on to become President of the NAJCC.

Suzanne Angele: As president, she led this organization through some difficult financial decisions. She and her board made difficult but necessary decisions that kept our organization strong.

Helen Burr: She helped develop the ten-week long Leadership Development Course taught by this organization. She made it a point to meet and remember everyone new to the organization.
Susan Burdette: I am pleased to announce this year’s recipient of the Sherri Glover Outstanding Achievement Award is none other than Ms. Dana Shute.

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