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Sherri Glover Memorial Service in Dublin (March 20, 2004)

Sherri Glover Memorial Service in DublinDeirdre Ni Fhloinn, Rachelle Thompson, Siobhan Maher, Declan Duffy,
Michael Dowling (Fantasy Jack). (Photo by Ronan Crowley)

Text based on an email from Ronan Crowley:
A small group of Sherri's friends in Ireland gathered at St. Stephens Green in Dublin on March 20, 2004 for an informal memorial service. Declan Duffy spread Sherri's ashes "under the shadow of a wizened old tree" surrounded by greenery in a stone garden that was chosen for its privacy and high elevation in the park.

Several people spoke including Siobhan Maher, whose words were particularly touching, especially when she mentioned her brother, Seamus. Sherri had met Seamus on an earlier trip to Ireland and was looking forward to seeing him again. Unknown to Sherri prior to her 2003 trip, Seamus was killed in a tragic accident.

Siobhan, who works in the Dublin City Manager's Office, gave each member of the group a white rose to place on the spot where the ashes were spread, and Siobhan floated a rose out onto a nearby duck pond. Almost immediately after the group finished, a downpour started. Ronan wrote, "It was what would be called 'pathetic fallacy' in poetry." (Unknown to Ronan, Sherri's June 26, 2003 funeral service in Nashville had begun on a beautiful summer afternoon and concluded during a pouring rain.)

Passage from "Anam Cara" ("Soul Mate") read by Sibohan Maher:
"Your friend is your needs answered
He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving
And he is your board and your fireside

When you part from your friend you grieve not.
For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence,
as the mountains to the climber is clearer from the plain...."

Following the service, Rachelle Thompson wrote:
I was greatly comforted by the service here in Dublin. To be able to pay respects to such a beautiful woman was an honour. That you would share part of Sherri with us in life, and again after, was something very touching for me. I did surprise myself by being unable to hold back tears, but in the moment the sky opened up and rained down, my tears where hidden and the whole park weaped from every leaf and flower, if but for a moment, for Sherri. It was as if the whole of nature was whipped up to rage against her loss, then just as quickly subdued, accepting peace and reminding us of her very nature.

Sherri's mother and father wish to thank Guy and Maria Mandler (New York) who were very kind to hand carry part of Sherri's ashes to Dublin. Maria's parents were Sherri's next door neighbors in Nashville for 30 years, and Sherri thought of them as surrogate grandparents.

Sherri's parents also thank Declan Duffy and Siobhan Maher for their time and personal efforts to arrange for the memorial gathering, as well as those who remembered Sherri.

Siobhan Maher.
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